Kevin Max ‘Revisiting This Planet’

Kevin Max (formerly of dcTalk) knew and worked with Norman, but instead of airing any dirty laundry, he’s instead rerecorded the man’s 1972 album, Only Visiting This Planet, which he’s inventively retitled Revisiting This Planet.... Read more

Feb. 11 – Top 5 Bands That Need to Reunite NOW

I had a blast interviewing Bleach last week, and it got me thinking: Which Christian bands really need to get back together like right now to serve the common good? No, really? I'm sure you have your own ide...

TobyMac ‘The Elements’ Album Review

More than two decades after TobyMac and the dcTalk crew made CCM history with the landmark album Jesus Freak, the seven-time GRAMMY winner continues to forge new ground through his signature fusion of pop, hip-hop and rock—this time with The Elements.... Read more

TobyMac on Reuniting With dcTalk

An addendum to the Aug. 15, 2015 CCM Magazine cover story featuring TobyMac. Find out what Toby has to say about the possibilities of dcTalk making a comeback...

TobyMac: What Love Feels Like

TobyMac shares the challenges and deep rewards of loving — his family, his fans, his art, people in need — and his focused approach to togetherness and human connection.