This article is an addendum to TobyMac‘s cover story in the August 15, 2015 edition of CCM Magazine on

The Song [“Love Feels Like” from This Is Not A Test]

“I just knew that as the song began to develop, not only would this be a great honor to me if Michael and Kevin would sing this song with me because of the depth of the message and how much the song means to me, but it also could sound….it feels like the right type of song for dcTalk. It feels like the kind of song that could have been on Jesus Freak to me. So, I was honored that they would come do it with me. I thought it was an important enough moment and an important enough song to me personally to ask them to represent me. There are not two better singers and guys that feel music with their voice, serve a song well—there aren’t two guys better. I’ve never come across anybody better than those two guys. So it was just great to get to work with their voices again, with their heart.”

The Friendship
“Michael and Kevin…we have as rich a history as anything in my life other than my wife and kids. That’s a deep, deep part of my life and I look at that in a super appreciative way and a grateful way.”

The Future

“I’m not foolish, I know the dcTalk thing is still brewing and is out there and is still important to people, which is a complete honor by the way, that people still think about us as a band. I’m honored by that. Let me put it like this. We’re all three wide open to those things [recording and touring]. I don’t think there’s a closed door. We’ll definitely record something together probably, for one of their records, I would say as a guess. I’m not on anything yet but I just think we had a good time doing this and I think it’s a cool way to honor the people who have liked our music. And even selfishly, it’s nice just to get back together and do something fun and creative.

“I don’t know that we will record a record by any means, but just that we would do some shows or something. The most important thing is the timing of it and if each of us can stop our worlds and try to make it happen. I mean, it’s like stopping a moving train for me. I’ve always said that the timing of it coming together would be not when one person is ready for it but when all three of us are ready. I’m open to that and I think it would be really fun. I think I would really enjoy it.”


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