I had a blast interviewing Bleach last week, and it got me thinking: Which Christian bands really need to get back together like right now to serve the common good? No, really?

I’m sure you have your own ideas, but here are my Top 5:


5. Plus One

These guys recorded a new single a few years back, which seemed to be heralding a new chapter in the former boyband’s story — but it fizzled out as quickly as it emerged. Not sure what happened there, but the people deserve a full comeback!


4. Bleach

Another band that’s teased a comeback — their social media handles are “bleachisalive” for Pete’s sake — and never really delivered. I get it — they’ve all got jobs they love. But would it hurt for them to be sort of an Audio Adrenaline model where they just record music in the studio to raise money for their beloved charity, Food for the Hungry? No touring, they can write off their recording expenses, and continue to push music forward! Do it.


3. Delirious

These guys were at the helm of the modern worship movement we’re still enjoying today. They wrote many church anthems and changed millions’ view of what it can sound like to worship. Even apart, Stu G and Martin Smith continue to change the game in their other arenas. They’ve had enough time away — let’s see what they could do together now. I bet it’d be amazing.


2. The Benjamin Gate

Please please please PLEASE! Adrienne Liesching-Camp (also known as “Adie Camp” or “Mrs. Jeremy Camp”) has been dormant for too long. She’s been raising a family, and occasionally recording more Adult Contemporary-style solo projects, but we’re missing the raw, game-changing rock her old band, The Benjamin Gate, was putting out.

As rock seeks to make a legit comeback, it needs the creative intensity and emotional gravitas TBG brought. With today’s technology and years of life lived, Adie & Co. would hit the ground running with a comeback.


1. dcTalk

I mean, how much do we have to really say about this? One of the highest-profile, biggest bands in Christian music has been on intermission since 2001 (with the exception of a couple of fan cruises), and each member has grown tremendously since then. Putting the band back together with new music and a focus on racial unity and reconciliation would be a game-changer.


Who’s on your list?

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