Best Thing I Heard Today: Redimi2 ‘Todo Va a Estar Bien’

Regular followers of this semi-regular blog know that I am a big fan of all things Dominican CHH/Latin pop artist Redimi2. He recently dropped this new video featuring Evan Craft as an encouragement to everyone around the globe how is in quarantine and possibly living in fear and worry about the future. Redimi2's collaboration with Evan Craft on 'Todo Va a Estar Bien' is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: GAWVI ‘Not Too Far’

GAWVI is set to drop his new album, Heathen, in April, and it promises to push boundaries musically as well as topically and lyrically. After hearing the first single, "Not Too Far," I can't wait to hear the rest of the album. GAWVI's new single, "Not Too Far," is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Army of Bones (Martin Smith) ‘River’

With the recent release of Martin Smith's new solo music, I discovered his Army of Bones group. Most hard core Delirious fans are probably already aware of this group and self-titled project, but if you're not, hold on to your're going to love this. The Army of Bones song 'River' is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check out the song or the entire project below.

Best Thing I Heard Today: Branan Murphy ‘I Will Wait’

Well, I didn't have to get too many songs in on today's New Music Friday Christian playlist to hear something pretty darned good. Branan Murphy dropped a new single today and it's very catchy. If you like pop music, you're going to love this new song. Branan Murphy's new song, 'I Will Wait,' is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: The Sound ‘Can I Get A Witness’

We had The Sound in the office today shooting a Singing News Cafe performance and I was lucky enough to hand out and listen to them. These guys are one of those groups. Calling them Southern Gospel is not really accurate. I completely enjoyed every song they played for us. They have great harmonies. The Sound's song, 'Can I Get A Witness,' is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check it out below.

Best Thing I Heard Today: Zach Williams ‘Empty Grave’

Well, another New Music Friday Christian music playlist has dropped and as usual, I've clicked, listened, skipped and re-played my way through it. I haven't had time to really dive in deep yet, but one songs stands out to me and my music tastes...and that's the new Zach Williams single, 'Empty Grave.' You probably won't hear this one a lot on Christian radio as it's a bit more gritty rock and less A/C for that audience. But for me, Zach Williams's new song 'Empty Grave' is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Datin & Canon ‘Move!’

Datin & Canon have teamed up on a hot new track that dropped today that I can't stop hitting replay on. If you're fans of these guys or like Christian rap/hip-hop in general, you're gonna want to check this one out. It's not just the best thing I heard's the best thing I've heard maybe all month! Datin & Canon's new track 'Move!' is the Best Thing I Heard Today!