Best Thing I Heard Today: Crowder & Riley Clemmons ‘I’m Leaning On You’

You know Crowder, and by now you've probably heard of Christian pop newcomer Riley Clemmons. Together, they recently released a 'Radio Version' of the song 'I'm Leaning On You' which is just excellent. I hope radio decides to take a chance and play it. Crowder & Riley Clemmons' song 'I'm Leaning On You' (Radio Version) is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: International Show ‘Undivided’

Former mainstream urban/hip-hop artist, International Show, recently dropped the new single, "Undivided." It's one of the best CHH (Christian hip-hop) songs I've heard in a long time. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it's only 2:59 long. International Show's new song, "Undivided" is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Cherry Wee ‘So Amazing’

A few weeks ago I discovered Cherry Wee on the weekly New Music Friday Christian Spotify playlist and I loved her sound on the song 'Be Thou My Vision' instantly. Cherry is a new indie artist, singer/songwriter from Singapore. Today I heard her new song, 'So Amazing,' and I think I like it even more! If you have not checked her out yet, you should. Cherry Wee’s new song 'So Amazing' is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check her out!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Mali Music ‘Let Go’

Mali Music is more of a mainstream Gospel hip-hop/soul/R&B artist from Savannah GA. He dropped a new single, 'Let Go' last week and it's really good. It's got a very pop accessible hip-hop style to it that I think a lot of CCM and CHH fans will dig. Mali Music's new song, 'Let Go' is the Best Thing I Heard today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Aaron Bucks ‘Soulfire’

I don't want to admit that I like this song. LOL. It's a pop/disco-esque song in the same vein as much of Burno Mars stuff. I rebelled against disco in my teen years. But let's admit it...there was a lot about disco that we all secretly liked, right? The energy! The hooks! If you like high-energy, poppy, dancy, disco-flavored pop music, you're probably going to hit re-play on this tune quite a bit. Aaron Bucks' new song, "Soulfire," is the Best Thing I Heard Today! Check it out.

Best Thing I Heard Today: Winona Avenue ‘Future Me’

Winona Avenue is a a new group from Indianapolis, Indiana, comprised of brothers Daniel Deputy and David Deputy whose alternative rock/synth pop sound is inspired by early 2000s pop punk and 2010's pop rock. Winona Avenue's new song, "Future Me," is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Cory Asbury & Tori Kelly ‘Reckless Love’

As if Cory Asbury's song "Reckless Love" wasn't already a huge hit and award-winner, now he's gone and made a new version with Tori Kelly. It's AMAZING! If you haven't heard it, you gotta! The Cory Asbury & Tori Kelly new version of "Reckless Faith" is the Best Thing I Heard today! Check it out below!

Best Thing I Heard Today: Zauntee ‘Center Stage’

If you haven't heard of Zauntee yet, you're about to hear the future of Christian pop music. This 20 year-old from Tampa, Florida has been writing and producing his own music and building a following on YouTube and Streaming channels for years and is finally on a label and making waves in the CCM world, including performing on stage at Winter Jam 2020 this year. Zauntee's newest single, "Center Stage," is the Best Thing I Heard Today!