Austin & Lindsey Adamec Release New EP ‘Sound of the House Vol. 2’

New music has arrived from Sound of the House, a worship ministry founded by Austin and Lindsey Adamec in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Joined by their community, they are thrilled to share their new live recording, Sound of the House, Vol. 2, available now on all digital platforms.

A Conversation with Austin & Lindsey Adamec

Austin & Lindsey Adamec recently released a new album, 'The Sound of The House.' We talk to them about the new release + how they handled 2020, a message of hope and more.
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Austin & Lindsey Adamec Q&A

After the highs and lows of separate careers in the biz, this husband-wife duo have now combined forces to birth their debut release, and a rekindled love for making music