Austin & Lindsey Adamec, CCM Magazine - imageMaking music is nothing new for Austin and Lindsey Adamec. Before their current gig as a dynamic new worship duo on Radiate Music, the husband and wife team were steeped in careers of their own—Austin as a singer-songwriter, Lindsey as a member of 1 Girl Nation. With their commitment to the local church and passion for God’s presence, their focus on worship represents best their artistic hearts.

CCM Magazine: You guys both came from different bands/groups before you came together. Can you tell that having that experience has affected the music you make together?
Lindsey Adamec:
Musically, we actually went back to the heart of why we even started this ministry altogether, and that’s just being in the presence of God and worshipping Him for who He is. We’ve definitely gleaned tons of experience from life on the road apart, but if anything has influenced this new music, it’s what God is doing in our home church in Jacksonville [Florida]. Believe it or not, the first time we met was on stage at a local worship event in town celebrating what God was doing in our schools. We’re just getting back to where it all started. Before label deals and tour opportunities, it’s been a continual longing for the presence of God that has propelled us.

Austin & Lindsey Adamec, CCM Magazine - imageCCM: Having a dynamic as a husband-wife duo has obvious advantages, but are there aspects of making a career of this together that surprised you?
You know, one of our favorite parts of getting to make music and work together—aside from spending time with your best friend all the time—is writing. It’s crazy how our hearts are so intertwined in the Spirit and how God really gives us the same ideas and words at the same time to confirm a new creative trail. The ability to hear God’s voice clearly seems to be directly related to the quality time that we get together and in the Word. It’s pretty obvious when we haven’t had this—you wouldn’t want to be around us! [Laughs]

CCM: The category of worship music is becoming more and more saturated with each passing year. What are the marks of your music that set it apart?
Austin Adamec:
Whether it’s Christian music or mainstream, people are desperately searching for authenticity right now, and that’s all we want to bring to the table. Our new venture together is all about celebrating a life in the presence of God. We could talk about what defines us as an artist and what makes us “special,” but at the end of the day, Jesus is the One who defines us and gives us our worth. This music is really just about the victories we’ve seen over the last year all because of the power of God and the declaration of who He is.

CCM: You mentioned your local church. Do you consider that important with what you’re doing musically?
We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without our local church. They’re everything to us! We have found that there is no way to pour into others when you’re not rooted and consistently being poured into by mentors and godly people who know the Word of God. We say all the time that the church has saved us in so many ways, including our marriage. We wouldn’t be making this music without the impact it’s had on us.

CCM: Does that also create some tension in being able to travel?
Our church is priority and everyone knows that. It’s such a beautiful thing when you put the church’s needs above your career. You end up finding out that the church can be your greatest fulfillment of joy. Every event we now play out on the road is completely backed by our church family and saturated in prayer.

Austin & Lindsey Adamec, CCM Magazine - imageCCM: What else is on the horizon for you guys in 2016?
You can expect more music very soon, touring and who knows what else God has in store. Right now, we are just being obedient to opportunities He brings our way as they come!

CCM: More than anything else, what do you want people to take from your music?
We have found that there’s nothing more satisfying and wholesome in life than saturating yourself constantly with the presence of God. It literally brings life to our mortal bodies as Paul writes in Romans 8. One of the best ways to channel His presence into our lives is through music, and we’ve spent endless hours searching the Spirit of God for anthems that would remind our hearts of His unfailing love that never leaves us or lets us go.

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