Steven Malcolm ‘The Second City Part 2’ Album Review
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“The Second City”

Steven Malcolm ‘The Second City Part 2’ Album Review

Steven Malcolm
The Second City Part 2

Steven Malcolm continues to mind personal territory on his The Second City EP series, bringing his Jamaican influence to bear on five compelling new tracks anchored in the tension between this life and the hope of the life to come. “Been There” shows off Malcolm’s lyrical and musical prowess more than any of the five diverse tracks, a slow burn that creates enough space for the Dove nominated artist to confess his background. “Even Louder” features Leeland on an inspiring final track of Malcolm’s deliverance. The title track positions Malcolm’s reggae roots front and center and you want to tell him to never change things back. For only five tracks, there’s an incredible variance in flow. Don’t miss Malcolm’s second installment here.

–Matt Conner


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