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Julianna Zobrist – ‘Shatterproof’ album review
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Julianna Zobrist – ‘Shatterproof’ album review

Julianna Zobrist, CCM Magazine - image

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Julianna Zobrist has aims for a larger platform of her own, alongside her husband Ben Zobrist of the Chicago Cubs, with the release of her new full-length album Shatterproof. Fans of dance-oriented pop music will enjoy the hopeful refrains found on Zobrist’s new album, her first since her 2012 EP, Say It Now. “Alive” is a song of awakening that pulses atop a piano refrain. “Shatterproof” waves goodbye to fear and shame as the propulsive opening track. “Dawn” looks ahead to a new day in the midst of life’s darker moments. Together, Zobrist has put together an optimistic, life-affirming set of songs that will resonate with those who hear them.

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