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Corey Voss – ‘Songs Of Heaven & Earth’ album review
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"The King Is Here"

Corey Voss – ‘Songs Of Heaven & Earth’ album review

Corey Voss, CCM Magazine - image

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The earnest spirit within Corey Voss’s Songs Of Heaven & Earth (buy) is what sets it apart from other releases. Aside from Voss’s crystal clear vocal work and near-perfect melodic chops, this new five-song EP also captures an undeniable sincerity to connect the listener and Creator. “Canyons” is a nice single, but “The King Is Here” will undoubtedly be sung in churches nationwide (“As It Is In Heaven” is another good bet). The set’s synth-heavy sound easily translates to other instrumentation, which means these songs should nest in any church looking for fresh, inviting songs rooted in creation’s imagery.


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