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Bright Ones – ‘Bright Ones’ album review
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Bright Ones – ‘Bright Ones’ album review

As global worship movements grow to include multiple generations, it’s inspiring to see ministry centers like Hillsong and Bethel Music form new outlets for their talent base to call their own. The latest to emerge is Bright Ones. Formerly known as Bethel Music Kids, the project features twelve to sixteen year olds given the chance to sing and play on an invigorating new set of pop songs. “You’re Gonna Be OK” is an encouraging message sung by Téa Johnson, daughter of Brian and Jenn Johnson, to her father who was dealing with overwhelming anxiety. “Bright Ones” introduces the nine talented youth involved, declaring that they are, indeed, the bright ones that God is using. Bright Ones features original songs by the Bethel Music team along with a few covers (“We Dance,” “For The One,” etc.) all funneled through a vibrant new channel.
Bright Ones, Bethel Music, CCM Magazine - image

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