Nashville, TN (June 3, 2022)
All ages worship movement Worship For Everyone are back with a new single just in time for Pentecost! ‘Move’ drives home that the Holy Spirit is accessible to all, reflecting Worship For Everyone’s heart to unite the Church around a new way of experiencing corporate worship. ‘Move’ is a song filled with fun and energy, painting a beautiful picture of the reality of God’s Spirit in our lives. This time, Worship For Everyone’s Nick & Becky Drake take a back seat as the song is led by the couple’s daughter, Daisy Drake, alongside Noah Smith (NOAH). The new single is full of 80s synths and drum fills, mixing old school tones with relatable and fresh vibes. With ‘Move,’ the UK-based movement bridges the gap between generations and challenges the barriers between what is considered ‘for children’ and ‘for adults’ to instead build the family of God.

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