As part of Platoon’s new EP, ‘A UK Gospel Celebration,’ rising star Ryan Hylton exclusively shares his single ‘True,’ a musical creation that delves deep into the human experience. The song’s powerful message resonates with the challenges individuals face when chasing success, compelling listeners to question their relationship with fame and materialistic desires.

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Hailing from London, UK, Ryan Hylton made a dynamic entrance onto the music scene with the release of his EP, “Journey,” available on all major streaming platforms since May 2020. These heartfelt songs deeply resonated with audiences, showcasing Ryan’s exceptional talent and conveying profound messages.

On December 1st, 2020, Ryan Hylton unveiled his highly anticipated debut studio album, “Legacy.” This remarkable album achieved notable success, reaching the 13th position on the UK Apple Charts for Gospel music. It was a testament to Ryan’s ability to connect with his listeners and deliver music that strikes a chord.

Influenced by renowned artists like Jonathan McReynolds, Justin Bieber, Tauren Wells, H.E.R., and homegrown talents Ernie Toppin and Nathan Palmer, Ryan has crafted his own unique musical style. He draws inspiration from their exceptional talent, infusing his songs with powerful messages of faith and hope.

True’ serves as a compelling invitation to navigate life’s journey and discover what genuinely matters. Drawing inspiration from the evolving sounds of Justin Bieber, Ryan infuses his music with a refreshing summer vibe, expertly blending funky grooves and infectious choruses. Through his captivating melodies, Ryan instils a sense of hope and embarks on a quest for personal truth and authenticity.
In the words of Ryan himself, “You’re my strength when life’s tough, my identity in you is worth more than fame.”

‘True’ weaves a fresh and crisp pop-woven vibe throughout, with Ryan’s melodies and lyricism providing a harmonious and relatable cause for his audience and beyond. His soft and luscious vocals provide the perfect platform for Ryan to shine, and he does so in spades in ‘True,’ further showcasing his talent and affirming his potential as one of the most influential Christian artists of our time.

As ‘True’ graces the airwaves as part of Platoon’s ‘A UK Gospel Celebration,’ Ryan’s music embarks on a journey that transcends genres, leaning into the commercial space whilst still resonating with the hearts and souls of those seeking authenticity in a world often defined by superficiality.

Ryan also combines with Asha Elia on ‘Nobody Greater’, a beloved gospel classic originally by VaShawn Mitchell. Their collaboration demonstrates Asha and Ryan’s shared commitment to creating a soul-stirring musical experience.
Their collaboration on ‘Nobody Greater’ demonstrates Ryan and Asha’s shared commitment to creating a soul-stirring musical experience. This lush and poignant rendition serves as a beacon of hope and positivity, drawing listeners into a narrative of unwavering faith. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, resulting in a seamless and captivating musical exchange that resonates across genres.

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