Los Angeles CA
Minor Prophet Productions is thrilled to announce the release of “Jacky ?“, a seminal album by the renowned gospel singer Jacky Clark Chisholm. This project is illuminated by the unparalleled production skills of B.Slade and Antun Foster, creating an album that is set to redefine the boundaries of gospel music.

Jacky Clark Chisholm, a figure synonymous with the gospel music scene and best known as the eldest member of the legendary Clark Sisters, brings her rich history and profound musicality to this album. Her journey through the tapestry of gospel music, combined with her personal experiences as a mother, a recent widow, and a licensed practical nurse, imbues “Jacky ?” with a depth of soul and authenticity that is rare and captivating.

Anthony Charles Williams II, known globally as B.Slade, brings an extraordinary range of talent to this album. Formerly known as Tonéx, B.Slade is a celebrated singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, producer, and activist. His diverse and eclectic artistry, spanning from gospel to a blend of pop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, rock, and more, has earned him two Emmy wins, six Stellar Awards, a GMA Award, and multiple Grammy nominations. His dynamic and groundbreaking approach to music production, coupled with his unique “Nureau” genre, ensures that “Jacky ?” is an album that transcends traditional gospel music.

Antun Foster, an esteemed two-time BMI Award winner and a driving force in the music industry, brings his vast experience and innovative mindset to the production. Known for his exemplary work as a Musical Director for Grammy Award-winning artists and his profound influence in the gospel music sector, Foster’s touch on this album guarantees a sound that is both classic and revolutionary.

The collaboration between Jacky Clark Chisholm, B.Slade, and Antun Foster on “Jacky ?” promises an album that is not only musically enriching but also spiritually uplifting. Their combined expertise and unique backgrounds forge a sound that is expected to resonate with fans across the globe and leave a lasting impact on the genre.

Jacky Clark Chisholm, reflecting on the album, said, “‘Jacky ?’ is a project born from my heart’s journey, beautifully crafted with the genius of B.Slade and Antun Foster. It’s a musical experience that speaks to the soul, and I am eager for listeners to journey with us through each track.”

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