To watch DC Talk‘s video announcement on this page, please click the “play” button above. Stay tuned to for breaking news on the 2017 DC Talk Jesus Freak Cruise.

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DC Talk, CCM Magazine - image
DC Talk, CCM Magazine - image
DC Talk, CCM Magazine - image

6 Responses

  1. Jeff Finley

    Jesus Freak Cruise website: “16 years ago, the most influential group in Christian Music history released the greatest anthem of all time.” If the site is referring to the song “Jesus Freak” (and I’m not sure that’s the “greatest anthem of all time” although I like it), it came out 21 years ago.

  2. Jeffery Hendricks

    Kevin Max has been pushing for quite some time for dcTalk to get back together so that their fans would have a chance to see them perform again. It’s a sentiment that shows that the relationship with the fans is something he really appreciates. When they finally manage to make that happen, people flood their Facebook page with hateful and entitled insults that show that they only care about getting access to a product, rather than the people who’ve poured their hearts into their music and had such a positive influence on the people around them. Very sad. Who sucked the love out of Christianity in America and replaced it with self-worship? We can’t reach the world around us if we’re consumed by bitterness and resentment toward others.

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