West Palm Beach, FL (November 1, 2019)
Many people recognize the name of Christian rap/hip-hop artist Rawsrvnt (even if they still have a hard time spelling and pronouncing it.) After all, he’s released nine music projects, been a part of record-setting tours, and licensed several of his songs to enhance media coverage of sporting events in NASCAR, the NFL, CFL, and NBA. He was even once cast as a bachelor on a Donald Trump-produced reality-TV dating show.

But it’s likely you don’t really know who Eddy Puyol is. At least until now.

With his tenth release, Eddy Puyol is…(available everywhere now), Rawsrvnt is sharing his most personal collection of songs to date. On it, he reveals the man behind the moniker and lets listeners hear what his life is like when he steps off the stage.

Whether it’s processing the pain of divorce, celebrating his Cuban heritage (with the artist’s first ever Spanish-language song), or simply creating a new anthem for athletic endeavors, Rawsrvnt believes something about this EP just “feels different.”

“I love that Rawsrvnt has been my public persona since the early 2000’s but it’s time I shared more of myself with audiences,” the artist said. “So that’s what Eddy Puyol is… —a clearer picture of who I am at this stage in my life. It doesn’t get more family than that.” —Rawsrvnt

Eddy Puyol is… Tracklist:
1. Get Away
2. Walk With God (feat. Lil Raskull)
3. Sigue Pa’ Lante
4. Imma Beast (feat. Pettidee and Lil Raskull)
5. Forever Love

Check out his latest single here:

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