L.A. Symphony’s Sareem Poems Drops ’88 To Now’

Sareem Poems (a founding member of Christian rap, hip-hop, soul, gospel group L.A. Symphony) has released his latest project, 88 To Now. Sareem drops conscious community building rhymes over soulful, jazzy, golden era production by Newselph.

J. Crum & Montythehokage Collaborate on ‘Elevate’

Christian rap/hip-hop artist J. Crum got some help from the muli-talented Montythehokage for his new single, "Elevate." The song was produced by Marvin Glaspie and Timmy Vogue with some help from Luis Castro on live bass. "Elevate" is the vibe you need as you end your summer. "Elevate" is the fifth song released from J. Crum's Vigilantes Vol. 1 series.

New Artist Spotlight — Aaron Cole

Aaron Cole has released several indie songs and albums and his Gotee debut debut is, Not By Chance. CCM recently had Aaron perform for us in our CCM Cafe and had the chance to get to know him a little in person. Now you can get to know him better too. Check out our CCM New Artist Spotlight with Aaron Cole.