Toledo, OH (June 1, 2020)
Christian hip-hop artist iNTELLECT dropped his last album, The Soulution, in 2019. The emcee and producer now returns with a ten-song project titled Polished Arrows.

iNTELLECT is known as one of independent CHH’s more gifted lyricists. His classic, east-coast influenced style keeps the foundation of hip-hop alive and well in an ever changing landscape. With Polished Arrows he is not only sharing his technical ability, but being very intentional with the focus found within the project.

“Every song on this album was meant to be on point; to hit the target that it was aimed at” iNTELLECT explained. “Whether it’s getting lyrical or taking things a little deeper, each arrow was meant to hit its target.”

Polished Arrows includes collaborations with artists such as Philip Anthony, ProCyse, JusJames, DaLomonze, and DJ Sean P along with quality production by notable beatmakers in DJ Sean P, Newselph, and more. iNTELLECT also continues to develop his engineering skill-set as he took charge of the mixing and mastering of the album.

Check out Polished Arrows:

Tracklist and Credits:

Blast Off (ft. Philip Anthony) – Statis Beats
Polished Arrows (ft. Philip Anthony) – DJ Sean P
First Things First – The Illustrated One
Droppin’ Gems (ft. ProCyse, DJ Sean P) – DJ Sean P
Bringing It Back (ft. JusJames) – The Illustrated One
Back Again (ft. DaLomonze) – Newselph
On That Vibe – F-Plus
The Remedy (ft. Philip Anthony) – D-Nast
All Day – F-Plus
Got It? (ft. DJ Sean P) [Bonus Track] – DJ Sean P

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