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ARTICLE UPDATE: Revive Us 2 is set for an nationwide encore showing for Nov. 1, 2017… | READ full story at

Tomorrow evening, everyone of all ages are invited to attend the second “National Family Meeting,” as host Kirk Cameron calls it, when Revive Us 2 (buy tickets) will be available in theaters nationwide. Hosted by Cameron and featuring the music of Zach Williams, Christian Cuevos, and further insight from Dr. Ben Carson, Ravi Zacharias, Alex and Stephen Kendrick plus many more, Revive Us 2 plans to bring poignant faith discussions to the big screen for a second consecutive year. This year’s live event will take place from The Museum Of The Bible in Washington, D.C.

When CCM Magazine learned of Cameron’s recent quick-stop to the Music City just a few weeks before the live show is set to air, we happily took the opportunity to meet up with him to ask a few more questions about this year’s event. As expected, his enthusiasm for Revive Us 2 and his hopefulness for a revival in America (and beyond) is contagious to say the least. As you read from our brief few minutes together, we hope that you’re inspired to participate in Revive Us 2 tomorrow night, but furthermore, to keep shining your light…

1. CCM Magazine: Obviously, we’re interested in how the music came about for Revive Us 2
Kirk Cameron: I was like, “Well, if I could wave a magic wand, I would have Zach Williams open the whole thing up with ‘Chain Breaker,’ and have him lead worship for the entire show. You know, some ‘Come to Jesus’ songs. And so…we got it! [Zach’s] going to be singing three songs during the night. “Chain Breaker,” “Old Church Choir,” and “No Longer Slaves.” [Sings] “I’m no longer a slave to fear…”

The other featured artist will be Christian Cuevas—one of The Voice’s finalists from last year. He’s going to be singing the National Anthem and also “O Come To The Altar.” I’m really excited about the music elements of the whole show.

2. CCM: We’re curious, do you sing or play an instrument?
KC: One of the things that meant a lot to me when I first came to the Lord out of atheism was Christian music, and somebody gave me an Amy Grant‘s Age To Age album.


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