CCM: Good one to start with.
KC: Right? “My Father’s Eyes,” Her and Michael W. Smith singing “Friends” [sings] “…are friends forever”…Keith Green and Maranatha! Music—remember those songs? As a brand new Christian, all that stuff ministered to me so much, I just loved it. I do sing a little bit, but it’s usually in the shower and I sound like a rooster with pneumonia [laughs]. But, I picked up a guitar and I started learning. That became sort of my own personal chill-time, meditation, devotional time was with the guitar and C, A, and D. Or, C, G, and A…whatever it is!

CCM: Three chords and the truth…
KC: That’s right. That’s every Chris Tomlin song, right? But, how do you not love every Chris Tomlin song he ever makes? I love those songs. They’re beautiful songs, but I can join in the worship—that’s what I love. Some people mock worship [music.] They’re like, “It’s not really a song. It’s an anthem.” But that’s what I think makes it so unique is that as a brand new Christian, even now, I can’t sing like Sam Smith or someone like that, but I can sing a worship song because it’s designed for me to participate in worship to the Almighty. And He says, “I love to hear you sing.” I think that’s the beauty of it. And Chris has nailed that more than anybody.

3. CCM: After the first Revive Us happened, how soon after did you know that you were going to do a second one?
KC: When we decided to do Revive Us, it was really out of this great need in the nation to give people hope, vision and courage. Because, here we were, about to elect the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, and our two choices are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? …And people in the faith community are just like, “What?!” I know so many people who said, “I can’t give my vote to either one of those two. They both don’t stand for what I stand for. America’s going down. This is it. It’s over. The end is near.”

I knew that that’s the wrong response. We must not be like, “Let’s just take our toys and go home and go hide in the church and wait for the rapture.” No. Now is the time to strap on the armor, lean in, and get involved. The ship is headed for the falls, but guess what, we’re all on it and so are our kids. [Let’s] stop the ship, turn it around, and start sailing in the opposite direction. That happens one step at a time. And it starts by people believing that we are the light of the world. That we are the ones who can bring the kind of direction and help that we need.


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