Things usually settle down after an election, and people start to say, “Alright, we got our President, now let’s work together.” Well, people have not been settling down and not working together. There’s more division now than ever. We’re divided over race, religion, politics, immigration, gender, choice, money, even in our families. And people are saying, “There’s no way that we’re going to find unity.” And I’m saying, “No, that’s the story that you keep hearing on your news feed, but there’s another story. God is doing something in this nation, and people are waking up.” I know because I travel across the country. I travel to 30 cities every year teaching marriage conferences, and I see an awakening—a fresh momentum that is beginning to build. I know thousands and thousands of people who are saying, “No, we’re the light of the world. I want to love God with all my heart. I want to love my wife. I want to love my husband. I want to love my kids and my neighbors. I want to take care of the poor…”

I wanted to have another National Family Meeting and say, “Don’t listen to your news feed and let that get you down or make you think that we’re just at each other’s throats. God has brought us together in the Spirit, and He’s moving in the country.” We’re going to have Dr. Ben Carson, Ravi Zacharias, Joni Eareckson Tada, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Zach Williams, Christian Cuevas. We’re gonna have another national family meeting from The Museum Of The Bible in Washington D.C. We’re gonna talk about how we bring hope and healing to a divided nation. It’s shaping up to be so cool. It’ll be live. Over 800 movie theaters. Now’s the time.

4. CCM: How would you encourage other believers to not dim their lights, that they can actually make a difference for the Kingdom?
KC: We see only what this thing [holding up his smart phone] tells us is going on. All we see is Las Vegas, North Korea, Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump… You pick the news story that’s going on and everything says, “We’re done,”right? But if you go to small communities around the country, and you start talking to people and experiencing what they’re doing. And you go to other places outside the US, where they’re embracing the Bible and the Spirit of God is moving in Africa, Asia, and Central America—the light has never been brighter in the world because people understand what bad systems produce. Ravi Zacharias was just in Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq, and was telling me that the meetings there to hear the Gospel are packed. Busting. People are lined up, packed, waiting to get inside the place because they understand that false systems produce despair, destruction. They want to hear about life, hope, and the love of God.

We can be defeated by simply listening to the wrong people and getting the wrong idea in our head that the world’s never been darker. I think the world’s never been brighter based on what I see with the Gospel and the way it’s spreading around the world. So much that in Africa and Asia, like you’ve heard, they’re sending missionaries back to the US to re-evangelize the nations that first came to them. They coming back to their big brother saying, “Bro, you saved us, now you’re straying. We need to pick you back up.” That’s so encouraging to me. I think that in America people are beginning to see what bad ideas produce. When you stray away from God’s Word and the truth about family, spirituality, government, education, even entertainment, it produces death. And there’s never been a more exciting time for the Church to proclaim the truth, and to shine the light, and say, “There’s a better way. Watch. We’ll show you how.”

5. CCM: Can you touch on some of the discussion points that will be covered at Revive Us 2?
KC: Sure. We’re going to talk about racial reconciliation, racial unity, political unity, religious unity, and family unity. We’re gonna talk about, “How do you bridge those divides? How can we come together? What is the way to heal some of the wounds that we have in our country?” And, “How do we provide real hope and healing when people feel like there’s no way to come together?” Those are the things that we’ll be talking about.

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Kirk Cameron, CCM Magazine - image

L-R: CCM Magazine Managing Editor Kevin Sparkman & Kirk Cameron (at World Christian Broadcasting, Brentwood, TN)

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