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Part One of Steven Malcolm’s story is…well, let’s call it familiar. Father—not in the picture. Mother—honest effort, but gripping vices. Big sis-many other distracting extracurricular activities. So, where’s a young, athletic upper-midwest African-American male with no family support to turn?

Sports—number one. Hip hop, a close second.

But when injuries sideline dreams even as big as the NBA—with no family or home, many might assume easy access to gangs, drugs, and the like, would derail yet another promising future.

Enter: Plot twist.

For the unfamiliar part of this story—we’ll call this Part Two (original, right?)—Malcolm admits that he wasn’t ever really into that stuff. Perhaps it was the exposure to the familiar—over exposure, really—and a natural desire to rebel. But, for this story, what does rebellion look like? Was there a a God-sized stirring going on there all along? Would there be a redemption in this scene?


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