Every young musician dreams of landing the coveted record deal. Very few actually stop to consider whether or not they’re actually ready for it.

Sarah Reeves first turned heads nearly a decade ago with her debut EP, Sweet Sweet Sound, on Sparrow Records. At the age of 18, Reeves was earning critical acclaim and finding her footing, but to hear her tell the story, she wasn’t ready just yet for the platform and privilege.

These days, Reeves is rooted in who she is in all aspects—her spiritual identity, her chosen sound, her goals for the music. Fortunately life has brought her back around to the spotlight after some time away. We’re thrilled to catch up Reeves once more and hear the story of an artist who has learned some lessons about what we want and what we actually need.


CCM: From what I read, you set aside your own personal music career in order to write for others. Did you truly think it was over or did you think it would ever eventually come back around?
Sarah Reeves: I guess I just focused on what was in the moment. I hoped that my artistry wasn’t over, but at the same time my first love and passion has always been songwriting. It’s something I will always do. In a way, I believe I truly surrendered my dreams as an artist. I had to get to the point where God was enough. Once I got to that point, he started opening doors again. This time I have much more of an appreciation for it than I did before.

CCM: What led to laying that down in the first place?
Sarah Reeves: I went straight from high school into signing my dream record deal when I was 18 years old. Because I was so young I really didn’t have much of a foundation and took it all for granted. I ended up not being happy and leaving my label thinking I was just going to go into the next record label and get another deal.

Obviously it didn’t happen that way. God had other plans. I took a break and got married and ended up working for a pre-school for a year and a half. That humbled me quickly, but I needed it for my heart. I found myself away from the music until I knew who I was in Jesus. It was then that I started songwriting again and that eventually led into another record deal 7 years after signing my first one.

CCM: Was there a specific moment that created the spark that led to the musical rebirth of sorts?
Sarah Reeves:I remember writing for other artists and this producer sent over a pop/electronic track that he wanted me to write a lyric/melody on top of. I personally connected with the style and decided to write something straight from my heart and story. It was when I finished that song that I felt the Lord whisper to me, saying, “You’re not done yet.” A new passion for my own music was sparked and I knew it was the beginning of a new season of writing for my artistry. From there, God completely connected the dots with a team of creatives and my label Word Entertainment. It’s amazing to look back and see the redemption and the kindness of God.

CCM: What’s true about you as an artist this time around that maybe wasn’t true the first time you pursued a solo career?
Sarah Reeves:I know who I am now. I didn’t before. I know my sound. I know what I like and what I dislike. I have a story to tell. I have songs to sing that came out of real places in my life. I know it sounds simple, but life experience teaches you a lot! I know I have quite the journey ahead, but every day is another day of stepping forward and growing.

CCM: How tuned in are you with your fans from several years ago? Are you nervous about being able to build a bridge back to them or is that not even an issue?
Sarah Reeves:I hope my fans from years ago will still stay with me on this new journey. I’m sure I’ve lost some and gained new ones. I’m so grateful for each person that supports my music. I can’t please everyone, nor am I trying to. Just making music that I love and hoping it connects to the people that need to hear it!

CCM: Will you be adding some tour dates this year?
Sarah Reeves:Yes! I have some exciting news coming soon and will be adding dates to my calendar this fall!

CCM: What else is on the horizon for you in 2018?
Sarah Reeves:Touring, writing and continuing to release singles that will eventually complete a 13-song album along with video content! We are slowly rolling out this record, but each song is special to me and I believe each song can hold it’s own. Excited for people to hear it!

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