by Matt Conner

Few artists can musically mine his or her own emotional and spiritual depths in such splendid ways like Plumb. On her eighth studio album, Beautifully Broken, Plumb is once again vulnerably detailing her own struggles and victories inside propulsive pop/rock melodies—a joy to the ear, a salve for the heart.

Because of such substance, we asked her to give us a track-by-track glimpse at the brand new album to hear a bit more behind the origin and thought process behind each song. If anything, it only helps us to appreciate even more an artist that was already one of our longtime favorites.


“God Help Me”
This is both a simple yet complex prayer to not just pray but rather to scream at the top of your lungs when you need Him most—for wisdom, for healing, for direction, for help. In Psalms 120:1 it says, “I cried out to the Lord in my distress and He answered me.” He’s always there, always listening, always answering.


“Beautifully Broken”
No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, no matter how broken you are, what matters most is whose you are. You are His, and He can take all of that brokenness and use it to advance His kingdom—if we choose to let Him. What He does with that is absolutely beautiful.


“I’m Not Alone”
In my struggle with fear, anxiety and depression, I heard a wise man say, “The heart will not believe what the mouth will not speak.” So I’ve learned to speak the truth out loud so my whole heart and soul can believe it. And the truth? It’s that I have nothing to fear because I’m never alone. God is always right here, right next to me.


“Somebody Loves You”
We are not called to change each other. Rather, only to love each other—not as we should be, but just as we are.


When my daughter was born, something inside me came alive. It was my true calling. God had been using even just the idea of her in my life since I was 16. And now, she’s here.


The demands of just being a human, much less all the other plates we juggle and hats that we wear, can feel overwhelming and exhausting—like we’re trying to balance the world. But when we fail, or when we fall down—because inevitably we will—there is always the safety net. And it’s Him.


“Crazy About You”
A romantic letter put to music from God to us. Often we resist His love, or we quit believing in it. Maybe that’s because of past hurts or disappointments. Maybe we feel too broken. Maybe we can’t seem to trust Him to be what we need or to forgive us. But we can. Sometimes we just need to give Him another chance.


I believe in equality with quality. Male. Female. Black. White. Tall. Short. Big. Small. Young. Old. From here or afar. We are all created in His image with the same blood running through our veins. What we all have in common is the need to be loved and the ability to love. Our hatred and comparison and competition and lack of anything but love is useless.


We are who we are because of grace, but that also includes the community around us. For me, some of that community that has made what seemed impossible in my life a reality are the quality men in my life: my Dad, my husband and my two sons. This song is for the champion(s) in your life, and it’s dedicated to a few of mine.


“Fight For You”
This song is to compliment the book Fight For Her, my most recent release and a story about my daughter Clementine and me. To truly fight for someone we love—to stand up for them—looks a lot like fighting with them and standing up to them at times. Being willing to speak truth in love often involves a fight, but when real love is the motivation, it’s worth every punch.


“I Can Do This”
This song was written during a very dark time in the life of one of my closest friends began walking through an unexpected and incredibly devastating divorce and suddenly boarding a boat of single parenthood to 5 children. Life throws punches at all of us, and we may feel ill prepared, but God isn’t surprised by our circumstance, nor is He freaked out by it. Although He’s not to blame for the hurt or the pain or the sickness or the loss, He promises to be with us in it and give us the strength we will need.

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