Plumb Releases New Radio Single ‘Crazy About You’

Plumb is releasing a bold new radio single and edit for the fan-favorite "Crazy About You," through a partnership with Centricity Records. The song is the second single off the newly released Beautifully Broken album and will be followed in the coming weeks with a new concept music video and multi-format radio promotion.

Plumb & Jason Gray Take Beautifully Broken Tour to Midwest

On November 2, multi-genre recording artist and author PLUMB will kick off her Beautifully Broken Tour, performing in seven cities across the Midwest. Presented by World Vision, the Beautifully Broken Tour is an intimate evening of music blended with stories of brokenness, hope, worship and healing. Joining the tour is special guest, Jason Gray.

“Beautifully Broken” Movie in Theaters Opens August 24th

Beautifully Broken is a film is about a refugee’s escape, a prisoner’s promise, and a daughter’s painful secret that converge in what is a true story of hope. Emily Hahn plays the part of Andrea Hartley (the daughter) and her secret is that she was sexually assaulted. Emily portrays Andrea’s journey through sexual abuse and finding peace even in times of deep hurt.

Plumb: An Exclusive Track-by-Track Rundown of Her New Album

Few artists can musically mine his or her own emotional and spiritual depths in such splendid ways like Plumb. On her eighth studio album, Beautifully Broken, Plumb is once again vulnerably detailing her own struggles and victories inside propulsive pop/rock melodies—a joy to the ear, a salve for the heart.