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Micah Tyler recently stood on Christian music’s biggest stage and delivered a powerful, stripped-down version of his hit “Never Been A Moment.” Performing on the Dove Awards is an arrival for most artists, but Tyler describes it as yet another example of God’s faithfulness, a testament to the story behind that very song.

It was only a few years ago that Tyler and his wife stepped out to pursue music full-time. Odd jobs like substitute teaching and driving a sausage delivery truck for his in-laws helped provide security while Tyler was on the road, building a platform and following any opening to play for youth groups, camps, retreats and churches. The goal was faithful, not fanciful.

It’s serendipitous, then, that Tyler was invited to sing a song detailing God’s faithfulness and providence on such a stage after the journey to get here. We recently asked Tyler to tell us more about his Dove Awards experience, the lessons learned to get here and the music he listened to as a child.

CCM Magazine: Congratulations on your recent Dove Awards performance and nomination, was that a surreal moment for you?
Micah Tyler: I actually have a friend, Jennie Riddle—who wrote “Revelation Song”—she invited me a couple years before to go to the Dove Awards. My wife, Casey, and I went to just observe and enjoy. Just being able to watch the Christian music community come together for a night was great. I was expecting it to feel more divisive or more competitive, but it felt like everybody was there to celebrate what God was doing. For me to be able to walk into that building two years later after being nominated and asked to perform a song that God had built inside of me—from doing things like driving a sausage delivery truck or substitute teaching—it was surreal.

CCM: That song, “Never Been A Moment,” really describes your journey.
MT: When we stepped up to do music full time, it wasn’t because we had a label behind us or that we knew somebody else. It was just because Jesus was calling us out to do it. It was what faithfulness looked like. We sold half of what we owned and bought a single-wide mobile home trailer that we still live in right now. We put it on borrowed land and then I started getting these odd jobs. “Never Been A Moment” was a time capsule song that encapsulates what God has been doing for the last seven years in our lives and our family and my own life and heart. To be able to sing that song on that stage on that night was really surreal for us. It was beyond a full circle moment for me to be able to walk into that room and sing a song that testifies to the Lord’s faithfulness.


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