CCM: What was the soundtrack for your childhood?
MT: No one in my family is musical, but we always had music going. It was super varied styles of music. My dad was into hair metal and Willie Nelson [laughs]. My mom loved Elvis Presley, doo-wop music and old R&B. I listened to a ton of ’50s doo-wop, Elvis, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. Then, as a kid in Southeast Texas, country music was so prevalent. I’d make a mix tape and it would have Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Queen, and Willie Nelson. I feel like you can listen to the albums I’ve been making the last couple years and hear that gumbo pot of all those things rearing their heads in different places.

CCM: You’re on tour with Big Daddy Weave now. What else is on the horizon?
MT: I’ll end this tour in the middle of November, which has been unbelievable. Then I’ll do a short run at the beginning of November and beginning of December with Jeremy Camp. It’s a small Christmas run of four shows, which is cool because I’m going out with him in the spring. We’ll be doing 20 or 30 shows in March and April. I plan to also do my own thing with acoustic shows here and there. I’m super excited to play songs from the new record and share those with people, too.

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