CCM: I think of our faith ancestors’ journeys with God. All the way back to Biblical times, there were markers that helped remind them where they had come from and reminds they were going to—the context of it all. It seems your trip from California to Nashville was one of those markers. And maybe Future is yet another.
JF: Yes. One-hundred percent.

CCM: So when you think about this panic and anxiety, which I think is a very relatable topic, were there some practical steps that helped you to trusting in this bigger picture spiritual story?
JF: Yes. Community. When you … I call it just going off the deep end, your mind is going off the deep end, and you’re like, I’m about to literally lose it right now … when you don’t have people who are able to speak into your life and remind you of where the Lord should be placed in your life and in your mindset—whether it’s somebody that you can call or somebody you’re on a tour bus with two-hundred days out of the year—I think that’s where things can fall apart pretty fast. But when you do have those people, essentially it’s them being a conduit for the Lord in that moment, because the Lord is using them in your life for encouragement. It’s a huge thing to have those people in your life that can keep you strong and keep your head screwed on tight.

CCM: After all you’ve experienced, good and frightening, is God really trustworthy?
JF: Yes. One-hundred percent, to me. I think my life is proof that He is, and I feel like anybody that’s struggling with the fact that they don’t know if He is, call me. I’ll show you a hundred thousand reasons why He is. I mean, we could have conversations about how He’s not, too, and I’m saying that from somebody else’s perspective. But I can prove to you that He is, [thought] it might not sound like the answer that you actually want.

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That’s the problem with who we are as humans, the fact that we see this single plane and we want this quick fix all the time. But that’s not how the kingdom of God works. Not one time have I ever grown spiritually or seen God move immediately in the moment that I needed Him to. I can count on one hand the moments in which I could say, “That was a miracle and God was literally just like, ‘Yes, here you go.’” But ninety-nine percent of the time … I would have never moved to Nashville if I didn’t feel like, OK, Lord, this is scary. And that’s kind of the way it always looks. That’s how this record looked for seven months, just terrifying, but then I feel like I was given songs that I would’ve never been able to write on my own.


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