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The members of For All Seasons aren’t the rookies you might believe them to be.

While the pop-worship trio are some of the newest members of the Centricity Music family, it comes on the heels of several years of hard work and full-time touring as an independent band. It wasn’t until they hit No. 1 on iTunes on their own that “Nashville came calling,” according to Jeff Luckey. After some prayer and conversation, they finally agreed to join a label.

Now the successful SoCal indie band is making their national debut with Clarity (buy), an EP that shows their expansive interests and why they chose Centricity in the first place. We think you’ll love the music and message of Emily Hamilton, Johnny Hamilton and Luckey—the inspiring group known as For All Seasons.

CCM Magazine: For many readers, For All Seasons is a brand new band, but you guys have been making music full-time for years with a strong. How is it to now land a record deal and put out a national release given your experience to this point?
Jeff Luckey: We never set out to do what we’re doing. There were definitely points along the way where we had to decide to put all of our effort into it. As far as plans to get a record deal or play around the world, when we started, we simply wanted to lead worship on our campus. That’s how it started with me, Emily and Johnny. From there, doors started to open. Churches around Orange County started to ask us to lead their youth groups or camps. Near the end of our time on campus, we were playing more outside of school than at school. We loved it and took every opportunity we could.

After school, we were asked to lead worship at this camp and that was a major decision. We were all going different directions. Emily was going to get her Masters degree at another school. Johnny was playing in another band. I was working in finance. We had to make a decision of whether or not we believed that’s what the Lord was calling us to do, to move to a camp for a couple months leading worship. To be honest, I was too nervous at the time to do it. I stayed at my job at the leasing company, because there was no idea what would happen after the camp. It was 2010, the markets weren’t good and I was like, “I’ve got a job and I want to keep it!”


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