CCM: Musically I’d love to get a sense of your palette. I know you only speak as one member of the band, but what were some of your favorite records from the last year?
JL: I would say one of the biggest influences last year was the new Kings Kaleidoscope record [The Beauty Between]. They’re a band out of Seattle. I love what they’re doing and the risks they take in music. That’s inspiring for me. I also liked some of the new Mutemath stuff [Play Dead]. I also listened to NF quite a bit and the newest Hillsong record [Wonder]. That’s a great, great record.

CCM: For All Seasons originally signed almost a year ago and now you’ve got an EP. I take it Centricity is taking the long-term approach to letting the band organically grow and get out there?
JL: Yeah, I think so. They call it “breaking an artist,” which is bringing a new artist to the marketplace. A lot of labels are releasing one single to see how things go. With Centricity, they wanted to make an EP. That’s good for us, since the more songs, the merrier. I think it’s an introduction to who we are. I don’t know if we’ll do full-lengths or another EP with a new set of songs in the future, since the industry is changing so much. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not working on a new recording sometime this year.

CCM: As a band that people are getting to know, or breaking, as you said, I wanted to get straight from you what you want new listeners to know about the band more than anything else?
JL: That’s a good one. I guess I would say that people see we’re honest. Yes, we’re human and we’re not going to be perfect about it, but we’re really just trying to bring glory to the Lord. We’re also really trying to serve God’s people. I hope people can feel that through the record. Sometimes when you start to explore musical moments or more artistic leaning lyrics, it can seem showy. If you write a pop song, people can think you’re changing your sound or selling out.

But no matter what, I hope people can see there’s a sense of purity in what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re not trying to make it about us. There’s a weird line when trying to promote yourself yet also not make it about you. It’s a weird realm to be in and we’re trying to navigate it the best we can. But the most we can hope for is that people can connect to the Lord through what we’re doing, wherever they are in their walks or even if they even know the Lord at all. We want them to find hope in the stories of God’s faithfulness that we share on the record.

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