CCM: What was that first song?
CC: It’s a song called “Victory,” which was on a project like four or five records ago. I was eighteen at the time. It was a cool moment.

CCM: You mention this intersection of making great art and creating musical connection points for people with God…artistically, who inspires you?
CC: In my mind, I took artists from both sides to create that intersection for my record. There are a ton of artists on the worship-side doing so many amazing things—the Bethel crew, Hillsong UNITED and Young & Free. I love what Elevation is doing. I love The Belonging at our church. I love the spiritual experience of going to a worship night.

Some of my other favorite bands are Mutemath, Bon Iver, OneRepublic and Coldplay. I love what they do on the creative and artistic side. I love going to their shows. I have this expectancy because I’m so excited to see what they’ve created, what they’ve dreamed up and how they’re pulling it off live. They really invite me into this different atmosphere with their visuals and everything.

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For me as a listener and others like me, I want to create an experience that includes both. I want it to be artistic, to challenge and inspire, but I also want people to meet with God. I wanted to marry those things together because, to me, as a fan of music, that would be the perfect world. I took inspiration from both sides to create something I felt was the best representation of all of that. I’m also doing that live. I’ve got a lot of visual stuff happening. I want to create an experience that mixes both.


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