by Matt Conner

Nathan Sheridan


Pop, singer/songwriter

Pearl River, Louisiana (currently living in Spring Hill, Tennessee)

Burtonwood Records

Hobbies/Interests Apart from Music:
I love to relax and wind down watching a good movie or playing video games. I also love cooking. I’m a wannabe chef. I’m not very good at it, but that’s beside the point. Also, if taking naps is considered a hobby, then I’m definitely a pro napper. Everyone loves a good nap!

Last Netflix Binge:
My wife recently forced me to watch every episode of One Tree Hill. 187 episodes. 9 seasons. All against my will. She controls the remote.

Musical Influences:
I’m influenced by so many different artists and styles of music. I love folk music, which has helped my songwriting, and I’m a fan of Josh Garrels and Andrew Peterson. I love their sound, and as songwriters they’re on another level. I enjoy pop music too—it’s hard to ignore the Top 40. Artists like John Mayer, Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth are all putting out some great content, and I love older stuff like Stevie Wonder and Prince. I hope before my life is over I will have dabbled in a little bit of everything musically. It keeps things fun!

Very First Musical Purchase:
A Sunburst Epiphone EJ-200

Why You Should Pay Attention:
Nathan Sheridan’s songs are shepherding songs, heartening messages for the faith journey from someone who has found God to be faithful despite some very difficult circumstances.

From losing a sister to cancer to being raised by his grandparents due to parents lost in addiction to being deployed to Kuwait with the National Guard, Sheridan has seen his fair share of difficulties, doubts and trials. Those experiences give gravity and power to songs like “Loves Like That” and the title track from his debut, Broken With You (Burtonwood Records).

Start Here:
When Sheridan sings, “He can meet you right where you’re at/He loves like that,” it’s a simple yet straightforward reminder that will meet many listeners at a very real point of need. Sheridan’s music is ministry to be sure, and “Loves Like That” is a great place to start. Check out the lyric video below:

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