New Music Exclusive Artist: Casii Stephan

Growing up painfully shy and quiet, Casii Stephan (pronounced 'Casey' and, yes, that is her given name!) would spend hours invested in between the pages of books. Content with the "surety" of a happy ending and an escape from life's reality, all she ever wanted was to be left alone.

New Music Exclusive Artist: Aaron Cox

Aaron Cox released his debut EP, Back From The Grave, which he wrote, produced, sang and played guitars, bass and drums. Back From The Grave covers a variety of musical styles, but centers around an alternative pop theme.

New Music Exclusive Artist: Mariah Hostrander

Compared to Natalie Merchant but a bit more rockin', Mariah Hostrander is a praise and worship artist with a folk/pop-rock sound with great worship tunes that many churches will pick up and run with.

New Music Exclusive Artist: The Sunrise

Upon hearing The Sunrise's debut album, "Spread The Word," Phil Keaggy exclaimed, "Man is that good, are you going to give me a copy?" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and member of the Byrds, Chris Hillman, called The Sunrise "Sweet, melodic and moving," and said, "The joy of music lives in...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Nabiy

Nabiy has a true heart for God and is known to some as a prophetic minstrel, psalmist and pioneer of creative music. He is a man with many gifting's; Artist, Producer, Senior Pastor, and one of the youngest men in America to receive an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity.

New Music Exclusive Artist: Eddie Cavazos

Eddie Cavazos and his wife, Laura, have been husband and wife since 1983 and have been a songwriting team throughout their marriage. Together, they have written Christmas cantatas, children's musicals, jingles and numerous contemporary Christian songs.

New Music Exclusive Artist: The SAFETY

Hailing from small-town, Kentucky… The SAFETY has defied the all-too-common bluegrass stereotypes and exploded onto the Christian Rock scene. With their youth intact, ranging from ages 16-26, their live show is bursting with energy and charisma that is refreshing and leaves you wanting more.

New Music Exclusive Artist: EHM

Wake To Grace" - an Album by EHM Eleventhhourmessengers to inspire and spur your personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Its foundations were etched in years of learning and growing in a new understanding of what this really means.