Lyric:    “In the dark, in the light”           
               In the morning and night           
               In the good, in the hurt…
               You’ll be there through it all…
               In the center of the center of it”

Song/Album:    “Center of It”, The Upside of Down
Artist:                 Chris August
Writers:              Chris August, Ben Glover                  

Scripture: “Here (at Golgotha) they crucified him, and with him two others–one on each side and Jesus in the middle.”

                                                         (John 19:18)  

Reflection:   Jesus has always had a way of being in the center of things.  First, there was the manger.  As humble as his earthly birth was, He was the center of attention for country shepherds, heavenly hosts, and a young Jewish couple.  He garnered attention at the tender age of twelve while sitting in the midst of the elders and rabbis in the Temple.  His adult ministry was marked by continually being in the center of small groups and crowds – helping, healing, teaching, and comforting the grieving.

Then there was the cross.  Jesus, the Son of God, was placed in the center of two sinners!  While this may seem un-befitting for the One who holds together the universe, it exemplified the centrality of Jesus’ life and ministry. He chose to be at the heart and center of humanity’s needs.

Jesus desires to be in the center of our sinful lives as well! In the midst of our pain He brings healing, in the midst of our confusion He brings peace. He is the light in our dark, the comfort in our hurt.  He is the joy in our journey and the love through it all.

And when the Cross is at the center of our being, all is in balance.  Our source of strength is Jesus in the center of the center of it!



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