New Music Exclusive Artist: Tha CorinthD:13

Dwayne's love of 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13, led him to assume he alias, "Tha CornthD:13". The fact that he was also born on the 13th day of July made the title seem even more fitting. Dwayne now spreads the word of the Lord to the lost and hurting with a new name.

New Music Exclusive Artist: Viktory

Viktory, a businessman, family man and Ordained Minister, was born to a 16 year old mother on Chicago's hardened south side. He has seen life times in his 27 years. From the sudden murder of his best friend, to the loss of his 3rd child, Viktory's faith has been tested and solidified.

This is the Day!

(JULY 2011) Today is a new day! It's funny how I can have several moving targets going at once and yet things still feel as though they're not much different than the day before...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Savior Soul

The members of Savior Soul met in the summer of 2010, and it was evident from their first time playing together that they had something special. After five months they were in the recording studio and playing at secular clubs in the Philadelphia area. They have a unique rock sound that is infused...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Canopy Red

The band name Canopy Red may be still making its way through the Christian rock ranks, but the foursome's made several intentions very clear. Bottom line, these are four fresh-faced but remarkably cohesive players from Tallahassee, FL whose goal is to impact this generation with the Gospel...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Dr. Mark Williams

Gospel music is privy to a new artist who is delivering a fresh, anointed, worshipful resonance, and is also a skilled vocal healthcare professional blessed with talent and a timbre that is garnering attention everywhere. Dr. Mark Williams, native of Cincinnati, OH, is a songwriter, psalmist and...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Marian Grace

Marian Grace hopes to uncover the Church's richest musical treasures. By recording some of Christendom's most ancient hymns and chants with completely fresh and beautiful arrangements, Colleen Nixon (lead singer) and Jimmy Mitchell (pianist) invite listeners into the mystery of the Divine.