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Aaron Shust

Aaron Shust
September 28, 2011
"The world is a stage...and each of us plays a part." The phrase never really meant too much to me until last month at a Hillsong United concert when a lightbulb went off for me in the middle of the show.
September 15, 2011
How do we worship when no one is looking?
September 15, 2011
Those of us who are parents know that there are times when we speak to our children; when we address our children, that they walk away from us without responding...
June 27, 2011
(JUNE 2011) Aaron Shust shares his thoughts on true leadership in worship.
June 27, 2011
(JUNE 2011) The term Worship Wars has been thrown around for a while now. In my experience, it began as the battle of The Chorus vs The Hymn...
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