Aaron Shust: ‘Doxology’ album review
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"Never Gonna Let Me Go"

Aaron Shust: ‘Doxology’ album review

While the songs on Aaron Shust’s latest album, Doxology, are rooted in solid theology and church tradition, they’re also more festive and celebratory than the title might suggest. Thus, the combination of Doxology’s grounded lyrics and towering melodies should make it a favorite within his catalogue for both personal and congregational listens.

“Always Will Be” and “It Is Finished” are polished pop refrains that speak to God’s presence and power over sin, respectively. “Triumphant Conqueror” focuses on similar themes, and is a notable highlight near the album’s end. However, the real musical gem lies in the mid-section, “Never Gonna Let Me Go.” The subdued pop groove shines bright with a gospel flair and level of fun that is a welcome addition.


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