Curb | Word Artists Plan Online Concerts for Fans

As many Christian music concerts and tours around the country have been cancelled or postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, artists and labels are adapting by finding creative ways to provide new music, from home acoustic song videos and live online performances for fans. Curb | Word Entertainment is partnering with  many of their artists to do just that.

Natasha Owens Releases Holiday Single ‘A Christmas Twist’

Christian music singer/songwriter Natasha Owens has released her first holiday-themed single, “A Christmas Twist,” from Radiate Music. The lighthearted, '50s retro throwback cover of Si Cranstoun’s holiday hit goes for adds at radio outlets internationally and is available at iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more digital retailers and streaming outlets everywhere.

Stars Go Dim: Story Behind the Song ‘You Know Me Better’

Better is such an interesting word when you think about it—how specific it can be, or how broad. "I hope to have a better year." "I'm going to a better father." We are all striving for better in one way or another—better days, better finances, better health, better relationships, etc.