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Sandra McCracken – An ever-present reflection

Sandra McCracken shares intimate memories of Christmas in Missouri as a small girl ... reminds us that, "God is with us, holding our stories with an ever-present reflection of his own light."
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Mark Lowry – How He Loves

Andrew Greer sits down with the man behind “Mary, Did You Know?,” + expected antics & more in this cover story/“Features On Film” special (videos to follow/separate posts).

Dear younger me

CCM Magazine Managing Editor has a new, more biblical outlook on the Dove Awards—thank you, Joel Houston!
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Heart Over Matter

I’ve been challenged—no matter what we do, let’s remember to keep implanting the Word of God into our hearts. When we get out of the way (like me, have you a prayed that prayer often?), I want it to be the Word that takes over!
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Q&A with LoveCollide

CCM Magazine catches up with the talented DeLeary sisters as their band, LoveCollide, recently releases their newest project, "Resonate - A Ripple To A Wave."