It may seem like the pop-duo LoveCollide is just bursting onto the national scene, but sisters Brooke and Lauren DeLeary both tote a lifelong musical experience with them. For one, older sister Lauren is a recent graduate of Nashville’s Belmont University, famous for such alumni as Melinda Doolittle, Josh Turner, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Brad Paisley to just name a few. In addition, the DeLeary’s have relocated to Nashville, rounding out the musical experience and opportunities for the sisters, and the family. Which led us to our recent conversation with them, as their band LoveCollide recently releases their newest project, Resonate – A Ripple To A Wave.

LoveCollide, CCM Magazine - imageCCM Magazine: You’re a pop vocal duo, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear a lot of live guitars, drums and even horns on Resonate. What instruments do either of you play, and how did that translate onto the recording?
Brooke DeLeary:
Great! Yes, we have always performed with live instruments. Lauren plays bass, keys and a little guitar.  I started playing drums when I was seven, but primarily play guitar, and keys now. Before hiring our drummer, Lauren would play a kick drum while playing bass, and I also played a tambourine with a foot pedal. We loved the addition of horns, and no, neither of us play those at all!
Lauren DeLeary: Our instrumental influence was in every song. In the demos and pre-production we played the songs stylistically like we wanted for the album, but hired fabulous studio musicians to play for the recording who could challenge us to play even better live.

CCM: What are some of your earliest memories of singing/making music?
LD: My first memory together was at Brooke’s drum concert recital when she was eight and I was twelve. She played drums and I sang “Take me Away” by Lindsey Lohan. Then a couple years later we sang “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” at a community theater showcase.

CCM: Do you come from a musical family, or are they happy to play a supportive role?
BD: Neither of our parents are musical at all—they play the radio best! We only listened to Christian music growing up, but now as adults we like to pull out dad’s big stack of Motown records. Daddy has cousins that are musical so it comes from his side of the family. Our older brother played electric guitar for church and at Life Action Revival Ministries for a year. Our little brother has a terrific voice but neither of them have any desire to pursue music.
LD: We couldn’t have a more supportive family. Our Daddy loved to sing growing up. He was raised in inner city Detroit and his mom worked three jobs and went to school to give them a better life. Education was encouraged overt music. When he saw we were gifted and passionate he did everything to support our dream. Our mom was a nurse by profession but when we began music, she watched every YouTube video and read books on music business and administration. She has gotten so good at managing us, several bands have wanted her to manage them!

CCM: Who are your core musical influences?
LD: Growing up our favorite bands were BarlowGirl (gotta love sister harmony), Hawk Nelson, Reliant K, Switchfoot and Superchick.

CCM: Tell us a little more about the RESONATE Movement.
BD: Great question! We want the sound of revival to be so loud that it resonates throughout the earth.  Our desire is to resonate Jesus in all we do in everyday life. We believe revival starts with one person—with you, with me—saying, “I will be the one drop that begins a ripple that will turn to a wave for revival.” We had so many songs for this project, we decided to split into two separate 8 track albums and release them six months apart. We will be releasing devotions and music videos each month before the next release in October.  Our goal is to further explain the RESONATE Movement and give our listeners time to soak it in as a way of life.

We want believers to awaken a movement where they are, recognizing that God can and will use them to begin revival! The life of a Christ follower isn’t perfect or always easy. Sometimes we are full of joy, and faith, then come struggles and doubts, but ultimately our hope is in Jesus. Each song reflects different aspects of the Christian journey. The last track, “Yahweh,” closes with, “Come invade, have Your way,” and, “All of me at Your feet.” Ultimately that is the only place to be.

CCM: What’s it like to be sisters and in a band?
LD: We are definitely yin and yang—where one of us has a weakness, it is typically the others strength. It is awesome performing together. We often have sister telepathy on stage or in co-writes and automatically know where the other person is going. Of course, there are moments of tension, but we really are best friends and arguments are over quickly.  We can’t imagine doing this without each other.

CCM: What are your go-to scriptures?
LD: It changes based upon what I am reading through and what is happening in my life, but anything in Romans, 1 John and Proverbs is my go to at the moment. My life verse has been Romans 8:28
BD: I love John 3:30, “He must increase, I must decrease…” That verse always puts things in perspective for me. The third chapter of Habakuk, Isaiah 41:10, all the Psalms.

CCM: Same question…but go-to hymns or classic CCM songs/artists/albums?
BD: Jesus Culture, Hillsong [UNITED], Hillsong Young and Free, Bethel [Music].
LD: I second what Brooke said, but I also love the older worship songs that we sang when I was little, like “Here I Am To Worship,” and the classic hymn, “It Is Well.”

CCM: Resonate in 5 words or less…
LoveCollide: Reverberating Jesus to begin revival!

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