New Artist Spotlight: Bareheart

From the inner musings of Tyler Collins (of Least of These), Bareheart started as a vision, a challenge, and a conviction to bare his heart in the thicket of tragedy. Collins wrote his debut EP, In the Mo(u)rning... as a solo artist in 2018, and it wasn't until the summer of 2019 that his music took on a new name, as he took on a new purpose.

New Artist Spotlight: LOVKN

LOVKN is a relatively new singer/songwriter and worship leader on the Christian music scene who hails from Phoenix. He blends creative pop melodies with a clean, energetic acoustic sound.

New Artist Spotlight — Alexandria Levin

Alexandria Levin is a passionate worshipper and follower of Jesus. While she has been traveling with ministry teams and served in worship leadership for awhile, she is relatively new on the national CCM worship music scene. For years Alexandria has written songs and used music as an expression of her worship. In 2018, she took a more intentional approach to her songwriting and began collaborating with friends and family as well as joining the Dream Records roster.

New Artist Spotlight — Aaron Cole

Aaron Cole has released several indie songs and albums and his Gotee debut debut is, Not By Chance. CCM recently had Aaron perform for us in our CCM Cafe and had the chance to get to know him a little in person. Now you can get to know him better too. Check out our CCM New Artist Spotlight with Aaron Cole.

Getting To Know You — Chris Renzema

Chris Renzema is a dynamic singer/songwriter who possesses a love for storytelling, poignant lyricism, and an ability to transform an evening concert into a conversation. His faith and love for music are inse...