New Artist Spotlight

Artist Name:
Laura Hackett Park


worship, singer/songwriter

Kansas City, MO

(Arrowhead Music)

Hobbies/Interests Apart from Music:
Mom of two kids under 3! My hobbies are surviving on coffee, eating my kids leftovers and getting in a 20 min workout. haha

Last Netflix Binge:
We’ve been into Seinfeld at night before bed. And I think the last show we binged on was Burn Notice.

Musical Influences:
Lauryn Hill, Sara Groves, Sarah McLachlan, Misty Edwards

Very First Musical Purchase:
Sister Act 2 cassette. I was obsessed! I still get chills on “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” And the Surfacing album from Sarah McLachlan, oh man, I know every word. I had no idea what she was singing about til later but I sang my heart out to those songs

CCM: If you had only five words to describe your new single, it would be…?
God, Really, Likes, Extravagant, & Beauty

CCM: What led you to pursue a career or ministry in music?
Laura: I love music! I love singing! I honestly can’t remember a time without it. I have been writing songs since grade school. Its my way of processing life and relationships. And then i discovered songs/music as a way of communicating with God. Mind blown! I couldn’t go back. Ministering first to the Lord and offering my best gifts and talents to Him has only increased my creativity and added to the enjoyment of it all. So whether I can keep going in full-time music ministry or not, I am convinced God is listening to my songs and singing with me. And He is the most important Person in the world to hear me.

CCM: Do you remember that moment when you realized you wanted to make an actual career out of music?
Laura: It’s been a gradual shift for me. I used to get so scared singing in front of people. I would get a stomach ache and shakes and could hardly function. Makes me laugh to think of how far I have come. The world has changed so much since i used to sing in front of my mirror in the 90’s. Now it’s all about how you present yourself online and what angle makes you different in the flooded music markets of today. But the fact that musicians and artists are at an all time high in history is what actually propels me forward. I really believe it is God ordained for this time in history and that music is apart of who He is for all eternity. He surrounds His throne with music and He even says He will come back to earth when the new songs begin to rise from the all the nations (Isaiah 42). I am all about doing a job that has eternal value.

CCM: If you could potentially tour with any other artist or band (that you haven’t already), who would you choose and why?
Laura: Like in my dreams or in reality?! I love to jam and play spontaneously so honestly I love the simplicity of singing and leading at the House of Prayer in Kansas City, however it would be amazing to be on tour with Alicia Keys and we could just take turns at the piano with a bangin’ band and sing our hearts out!

CCM: What was the last song you listened to on your playlist or stereo?
Laura: “Fire and the Flood” by Vance Joy. My 3 year old daughter and I LOVE this song. We heard it first on the movie Storks and now we sing it all the time.

CCM: What was the last book you read?
Laura: I miss reading! With babies its really hard to find time to read leisurely. But i am working my way through a really good book called From Silence to Song by Peter J. Leithhart about the Davidic Tabernacle and his audacious assumption that God wanted to hear continuous music. It is so good!

CCM: If you could tell the world about another artist/band to check out, who would it be?
Laura: I love Lindy Conant and the Circuit Riders! I met Lindy years ago at a Youth With A Mission base and we led worship together for 6 weeks on outreach. It was such a fun time! She is the real deal and the same on and off the stage.

CCM: What has been interesting to you musically lately? Perhaps something new to you in terms of listening habits or influences?
Laura: I am getting into gospel music and afro-pop more. I have ALWAYS loved music with lots of soul (90’s kid over here so R&B and hiphop classics), but lately I’ve been listening to more gospel and writing in this vein more.

CCM: Name a song that you wish you’d written (and why).
Laura: I wish I wrote “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid. When I listen to her I almost feel as though i co wrote with her—the melodies, the energy and rhythmic patterns light me up.

CCM: How did you arrive at the name of your new single?
Laura: The single I’m releasing is called, “Artist.” At its core, it’s acknowledging the divine artistry of God and pointing out so much of what He created is for the purpose of enjoyment and abundant life. In a way, it’s like a name of His. It’s the first revelation of God in the Bible, “in the beginning, God created…”

CCM: What can listeners expect in terms of the sound, style and lyrics?
Laura: I think the sound/production of the song is an exciting and engaging interpretation of the lyric “author of every expression”. The song lyrics, the music, the cover artwork and the music video all portray multiple expressions of artistry, whether it’s the variety of instruments in the recording, or the painting and sketching composing the artwork or the tying in of dance in the video. All are expressions God has given us as a response of praise, even a means to reach back and connect with Him.

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