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The Isaacs – ‘Nature’s Symphony in 432’ album review
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“Yours Amen”
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The Isaacs – ‘Nature’s Symphony in 432’ album review

The Isaacs, CCM Magazine - image

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If you’re expecting a traditional release from The Isaacs, you’ll be disappointed only long enough before giving Nature’s Symphony (buy) a spin of its own. The family band has penned a personal, moving album of songs marked by pain, loss and grief even as God’s presence and grace shines through these experiences. These fifteen songs, all tuned in 432 Hz (often referred to as “nature’s frequency”), retain the group’s award-winning vocal approach even as they dive into deeper, more vulnerable territory (see “Keep Breathing” and “Yours Amen”). It’s a welcome detour from The Isaacs and one we believe will enhance their legacy and catalog.

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