Son of Laughter — “No Story is Over” Album Review
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Son of Laughter — “No Story is Over” Album Review

Son of Laughter
No Story is Over

As Chris Slaten sings, “You’re killing me with categories” on “Flesh and Bone,” it’s not only a timely cultural description of our divided states. It’s also true of the music. Son of Laughter’s (Slaten’s musical moniker) is impossible to pin down, a rich tapestry of orchestration surrounding dense lyrical imagery. No Story Is Over is the indie singer-songwriter’s most recent release, a heartening and heartbreaking eight-song cycle filled with our “broken histories” and God’s lavish grace. Picture Spirit-filled, imaginative storytelling set within inventive song structures that linger long past the album fades.

–Matt Conner

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Matt Conner is a writer/editor living in Indianapolis.

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