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Sho Baraka – ‘The Narrative’ album review
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"Excellent, 2017"

Sho Baraka – ‘The Narrative’ album review

Sho Baraka, CCM Magazine - image

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We’ve entered the Golden Age of Christians in hip-hop. As Lecrae continues to raise the bar of excellence as well as mainstream awareness of the beauty of artists of faith in his genre, he’s also lending his considerable talents to artists like Sho Baraka, a rapper worthy of his own spotlight. The Narrative (buy) features plenty of special guests, but it’s Baraka’s ability to shift vantage points while melding musical styles that makes this album. The flow of advice on “Fathers, 2004,” the groove of “Soul, 1971,” the valuable history on “Myhood, U.S.A., 1937” and the imaginative “Excellent, 2017” all show off Sho Baraka’s incredible palette.


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