Robbie Seay Band ‘O Great Love: A Best Of Collection’ Review
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“Go Outside”
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Robbie Seay Band ‘O Great Love: A Best Of Collection’ Review

Robbie Seay Band
O Great Love: A Best Of Collection

What began over 20 years ago with a series of independent solo releases that were part singer-songwriter and part worship fare has now resulted in Robbie Seay’s first ever “best of” collection, O Great Love. The Texas-based worship leader began his career in similar circles as David Crowder, Shane Barnard, Chris Tomlin and the like, but his indie leanings always kept him in the fringes—at least comparatively speaking—despite the beauty of albums like 10,000 Charms or Better Days or Rich & Poor.

Fortunately if Seay has been a casual entrant or complete stranger to your musical palette, O Great Love gives Seay’s substantive catalog its due with 22 total songs. Worship music fans will soak in the beauty of Seay’s Psalms entries, but just as moving are longtime favorites like “Go Outside” and “Raise My Voice.” Seay’s music has always deserved a bigger spot-light, but a release like O Great Love can at least help some listeners make up for lost time.

–Matt Conner

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