Rivers & Robots ‘Discovery’ Album Review
4.5 Overall Score


(Running Club)

For Fans Of:

Mute Math, Owl City

We Like:

“Call Your Name”

Rivers & Robots ‘Discovery’ Album Review

Rivers & Robots
(Running Club)

The illusory pop/rock of Rivers & Robots is an intriguing and exciting left turn within the larger worship music genre. As one of the initial artists on Running Club Records, the Manchester-based trio sits comfortably between Mute Math’s slower work and Owl City’s more substantive songs, creating ethereal soundscapes that rethink the typical worship music construct. While the lyrics are familiar to other worshipful sentiments, they sound reawakened when set to Rivers & Robot’s languid musical pace.

Discovery‘s opener “Dreams” sets the tone early for an easy-listening album, one steeped in synth layers, light guitar work and hazy harmonies. While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea if you’re looking for another straightforward worship release, we believe Running Club is onto something very, very exciting here. Count us as instant fans!

–Matt Conner

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