Rapture Ruckus: ‘Invader Vol. II’ album review
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Rapture Ruckus: ‘Invader Vol. II’ album review

Rapture Ruckus sits on the fence between a myriad of genres—a calling card of writer and producer Geoff Duncan, along with front man Brad Dring—providing a lite amalgam of electropop, hip-hop and EDM for the last decade. The youthful appeal continues on Invader Vol. II (buy deluxe edition), a seven-track EP anchored by single “In Crowd,” which features Family Force 5’s Soul Glow Activatur. Nothing but high school anthems and youth group appeal here, but it’s exactly where these boys from New Zealand—along with longtime manager and key influencer, Jono Scarlet—are all aiming. To that end, they hit their exact target.

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