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Michael W. Smith – ‘A Million Lights’ album review
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Michael W. Smith – ‘A Million Lights’ album review

Michael W. Smith, CCM Magazine - image

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This time around, it’s the programmed loops, Top 40 dance hall sounds and auto-tuned vocals. The instrumentation has shifted quite a bit over Michael W. Smith’s three-plus decades in the industry, but what remains at the heart of each composition from the pop legend is a memorable melodic hook rooted in an authentic message. While A Million Lights (buy) sounds different at first glance, a release steeped in today’s Top 40 playlists, it’s undoubtedly the same “Smitty” that’s shone as bright as the titular subject for so long. See for yourself on songs like “Crashing Waves,” “Love Always Wins” and “Conversation.”

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