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Michael English – ‘Worship’ album review
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“Revelation Song”

Michael English – ‘Worship’ album review

Michael English, CCM United, Worship, CCM Magazine - imageMichael English’s first album since 2013, Worship, brings his incredible vocal ability to bear on a familiar set of congregational songs. “Relevation Song,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” and “Let It Rain” are just a few of the favorites found here. The arrangements are straightforward, staying true to the original versions sung in churches around the globe, but therein lies the purpose. This is an album intended to aid the listener in personal times of worship, and a voice like English’s is the perfect lead-in for those intimate devotional times.

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  1. Elizabeth Melidonis

    Michael English Worship is a brilliant lead up to personal or group time of prayer and devotions. Michael English has put his personal touches on every one of those worship songs and knowing his heart makes them even more special

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